Custom Home Builder Sunshine Coast

Custom energy-efficient healthy home builder

Looking for something unique out of your new ICF home design?

There are two main reasons you might search for a custom home builder:

  1. You’re after something truly unique that also meets the needs of a modern, energy-efficient family.
  2. You’ve found the perfect block of land with a location or views you couldn’t pass up on, but the site shape or conditions won’t fit standard house designs.

Whatever the reason, IDNA Homes focuses on your ideas and lifestyle aspirations to create a bespoke custom solution to meet current and evolving living needs.

energy efficient homes & Custom Homes Sunshine Coast

The IDNA Homes Approach

IDNA Homes manage most aspects of your custom home build project, starting with your first chat. They understand that the quality of a home begins with the integrity of the design and listening carefully to you.

The process for a custom home build is very similar to building from standard architectural plans; however, the design has been made specifically for your unique requirements, and you can own those plans—your home will be 100% unique!

Beyond what you need from your home regarding lifestyle, IDNA Homes understands that a house must respond efficiently to its environment and the site’s features.

Creating your custom home design with IDNA Homes

Before your first meeting, collect as many images as possible and links to designs that inspire you. These examples will help your IDNA Homes consultant understand your tastes and create the right design more quickly.

IDNA Homes will share with you a catalogue of designs for inspiration and have a gallery of completed homes.

From there, you’ll both have a clear idea of your preferred architectural style and layout.

Together, you’ll work with an IDNA Homes partner architect and design your home to suit your needs while utilising the unique IDNA Homes building system.

Custom Homes Sunshine Coast
Custom Homes Sunshine Coast

Standard energy-efficient new home inclusions without compromise

During the custom home design-development stage, IDNA Homes works with you to ensure the best possible energy efficiency and home health through building materials selection.

As leaders in zero-energy home building, IDNA Homes has developed a system that utilises energy-efficient ICF wall systems combined with triple-glazed custom made windows and doors from Internorm.

Internorm offers a unique product with energy-efficient properties in the windows, doors and frames. They’ve also developed ways to combine aluminium and timber for modern, unique designs seamlessly.

After more information? Talk to a team member about your custom new home build requirements.