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net-zero, healthy homes
across Queensland

Enjoy peace of mind with our extended 15 years structural guarantee.

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Delivering more than just beautiful homes, IDNA Homes are zero-energy home specialists.

Australia is beautiful in its diversity but challenging to live in at the same time. Yet, IDNA Homes has found a way to deliver stunning zero-energy healthy homes that make living easy, enjoyable and low-maintenance. Let your dreams become more than you imagined with the IDNA Homes team.

Green Homes Sunshine Coast
Green Homes Sunshine Coast

You’re dreaming of a custom new home that is:

With the IDNA Homes team, you’ll also get a home that:

It’s the attention and consideration to detail that makes a custom new home with IDNA Homes your Australian dream home.

Custom Homes Building Services

Delivering custom new home builds across Australia, IDNA Homes leads the way with stunning zero energy ICF insulated concrete form homes. Yet, they’re also passionate about bringing you along with them on the journey and making sure your new home delivers even more than you’d hoped.

When you build your zero-energy healthy home with IDNA Homes, you’ll be involved with the building process at every step:

Net Zero Homes Staircase

Your dream zero-energy healthy home awaits

Three decades of building experience lead IDNA Homes to the Nexcem product

Drawing on their in-depth knowledge and expertise in creating dream energy efficient homes in Australia, the IDNA Homes founders lead with honesty, integrity and quality workmanship. Yet, the custom new homes their eco home builders deliver are far from standard—IDNA Homes utilises high-quality building materials that protect your family and your dream home from the harsh Australian climate.

IDNA Homes has developed an internal specification building system that delivers beautifully customisable, healthy zero-energy homes constructed from ICF insulated concrete forms. Clients across Australia cherish the resulting net-zero energy homes.

Nexcem ICF Insulated Concrete Forms