Zero-Energy Home vs Timber Frame Home

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Zero-Energy Home vs Timber Frame Home

Choosing a net-zero home over a regular timber frame, isn’t just a good decision for the environment, there are also a range of benefits you’ll enjoy.

Firstly, our frame enables us to incorporate creative and flexible designs that simply aren’t possible when using timber frames.

Thermal regulation means your home is cooler in summer and warmer in winter, saving money on energy costs, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Zero energy homes are also low maintenance and don’t require pest management (like termites) and mould treatments that a timber frame house needs.

A Net Zero Home produces as much (sometimes more) energy as it consumes and is up to 80% more energy-efficient than a home built to conventional standards.

The questions we ask when considering net zero building materials are:

Does it enable you to live more sustainably?

What is the predicted lifetime of that product?

How might it be recycled or disposed of at the end of its life?

When considering these questions, a net-zero home trumps a timber frame house for sustainability, longevity and reusability of materials.